Coaching can be insightful, transformational, and fun. It can also be uncomfortable when I hold up a mirror, when we uncover an inconvenient truth, or when you find out you’ve been holding yourself back. Coaching with me isn’t for everyone. I commit to being fully present with you, to challenge you, and to lovingly take you out of your comfort zone in service of your personal development. I expect you to be present with me, open to new perspectives, and committed to your own development.

“Su Mee is a warm and incredibly kind professional with an ability to make you feel like you can take on the world, I cannot recommend her enough as a coach.” 

Clients describe my coaching style as open and non-judgemental with a matter-of fact directness and a gentle fierceness. They come to me to find out what they really want, to feel more confident about speaking up in meetings, presentations, and in life, and to find the courage and confidence to do the things they want to do and that scare them. The process isn’t always easy, the outcomes can be life changing.

However, don’t listen to what other people say, find out for yourself instead. Schedule a virtual coffee with me to find out if we’re a good match. Your virtual coffee is of course free and it’s a great way to find out if my coaching style works for you.

“Her style is warm, intuitive, humorous and genuine.”

I do my coaching on Zoom or by phone. My 1:1 coaching packages start at €1500 (incl tax) for individuals. For company rates, please contact me.

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