Working with Su Mee was incredible. I went into the sessions not really knowing what to expect and we went deep! She helped me tap into a power I’d long suppressed which is difficult to articulate. The ground we covered and discoveries I made really is extraordinary.

Su Mee’s no-nonsense and judgement-free approach created the perfect environment for me to explore, where nothing, except avoidance(!), was off the cards or too crazy. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you, Su Mee!

Rebecca Hendri, Actor / Writer, London

I have loved working with Su Mee. Her coaching has helped me find a place within myself from which I can work freely and with clarity as an artist and performer, as well as helping me discover how to shift my energy to allow for greater compassion towards both myself and others throughout daily life. A truly invaluable experience, I highly recommend getting in touch with her.

Meryn, Actor

What I got out of the coaching was a new approach to breaking out my limitations. Using metaphors, physicalizing and stepping into my arguments between my head, heart and soul gave me an experience of actually living what was stopping me. It allowed me to see the restrictions I had put on myself. Su Mee knew when to cut through my bullshit patterns.

Now I have access to an open space within my heart and mind whenever I choose; I’ve found the courage to take the plunge and break out of the golden cage I’ve created. I have the freedom to reconnect with the loving human being that I was born to be. It’s like being unlocked and brought to light. Really personable and much more connection than the other life coaches I’ve worked with.

Alex Ranahan, Actor, Comedy Writer & Facilitator, UK

It was an absolute joy to work with Su Mee! I gained so much clarity from our sessions. She really met me where I was at and facilitated the sessions according to my needs and goals, whilst also helping me to explore avenues and motivations I hadn’t previously considered. It was a really wonderful exploration. Su Mee is a warm and incredibly kind professional with an ability to make you feel like you can take on the world, I cannot recommend her enough as a coach.

Katie, Creative, Dublin

I started having career/life coaching sessions with Su Mee after the lockdown started – almost every acting production had been called off, and I was quite confused about my goals and aspirations, and how to move forward in such an uncertain climate. Su Mee helped me get my goals and priorities in shape, feel more confident about myself and my abilities, and provided me with techniques on stress management and setting out realistic goals. Since beginning my sessions with Su Mee, I feel more confident and positive about my acting career, my choices and aspirations!

Amber, Actor, UK

Su Mee was hugely helpful to me, helping me focus my scattergun energy and move forward with complicated personal matters in the midst of a highly stressful time. She left me feeling empowered & clear. A great listener & a hugely kind human.

Kate, London

Su Mee knows how to motivate you better than anyone. And then she quickly also gets you into action and makes sure you start taking big steps. She got to the core of what was stopping me following my heart in no time. Thanks to Su Mee I took my first step towards a career switch and I’m still grateful to her every day. Are you looking for a good coach and do you want to take big steps quickly? Then stop looking and start working with Su Mee. You won’t regret it.

Anoeschka Crouse, Child Counselor

Thank you for creating a safe space to explore your message and story and providing the supportive environment that allowed us to speak from the heart. No gimmick or tips, just trusting in yourself and connecting with your words. Truly inspirational.

Tanya, workshop participant, London

I realised inspiring storytelling is not reserved only for special nights and events on stage. You can pour your words into mini stories in every day conversation, just by being honest and speaking from the heart. This way, others will always listen to what you have to say. I learned that being on stage is actually more about listening than speaking, discovering ways you can connect with the audience, just by being yourself.

Ivan, workshop participant, Amsterdam

Su Mee was born to be a coach. She brings a lightness to the conversation, an immediately natural connection that has made me feel totally safe from the first minutes onward. If you consider hiring a coach, but are a bit apprehensive, you should contact Su Mee. Quite literally, it won’t hurt. Meanwhile, behind her easy style is a solid professional who masters a broad range of coaching techniques. You will come out better. Stronger.

Erwin Van ‘t Land, General Director Norwegian Branch Medicines sans Frontiers / Doctors without Borders

If you look for someone to confide in, who will enable you to more clearly recognize your strengths and qualities, who can explore the relation between your values and goals, and help you find the courage and confidence to pursue them – Su Mee is the one. Her style is warm, intuitive, humorous and genuine. With Su Mee, you risk that even a feeling of confusion is dissected and reassembled into purposeful direction.

Karine Nordstrand, Medical doctor, Medicines Sans Frontiers

From the first moment I met Su Mee I felt the click. At that time, I felt unconfident about my business. Su Mee helped me to find my strong and confident inner self. Throughout the sessions I started feeling more confident and inspired. Eventually, I made important steps forward that I would not be able to achieve without the help of Su Mee. I would definitely recommend Su Mee for coaching sessions as she is not only a true professional, but also a lovely person.

Karina Efraim, Karina’s Amsterdam

After only a few sessions with Su Mee I was able to make decisions on some long lasting issues I had. Being coached by her was enlightening, confronting and fun!
Su Mee has a soothing voice which allows you to relax and let your mind go where she guides you. She is kind and gentle but determined. In her sessions she lets you see things in a different perspective. Su Mee doesn’t use complex assignments or high brow terminology, she focuses on you and opening your mind to new solutions and insights. And that is just what I needed to get things moving in my life.

Patricia Timmerman, Nationale Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam

My sessions with Su Mee often reveal some insight into myself I hadn’t really noticed before. Sometimes these are huge aha-moments! She gives me tools to remember and practise what I’ve learned. I always leave a session feeling empowered and light. I highly recommend trying a session for yourself.

Melissa Kane, Hair Stylist & Doula, Amsterdam

When being coached by Su Mee it feels so natural. This peaceful energy and calmness that surrounds the space makes you feel safe and brave to go deeper and discover yourself. A fulfilling coaching journey that you would like to keep on as long as possible!

Annie Kontou, Coach and Mother of Two, Luxembourg