For my workshops and programmes I take inspiration from my extensive corporate experience, my love for the stage and improv theatre, and my coaching, leadership, and experiential learning training. I want to help you creating lasting new habits and not just insights.

All courses can be delivered online or on location. I don’t believe that one size fits all so all courses will be customised to the needs of your organisation, and can be turned into a one-off workshop or a longer programme with or without individual coaching. Contact me for more details.

Leadership development: Presence and Impact

Everyone is a leader and everyone has their own leadership style. Being a leader means taking responsibility for your actions and your impact, it means knowing where you’re going and why, and trusting that if unexpected things happen, you’ll find a way to deal with these. My leadership development courses will take you out of your comfort zone to create better results while making sure we also have fun.

“I learned that being on stage is actually more about listening than speaking, discovering ways you can connect with the audience, just by being yourself.” – Ivan, workshop participant

Presence & Impact is more than learning presentation skills, my main focus is on helping you find your unique style, and help you to build your confidence to deal with whatever comes up at work.

Some of the topics I could help with are:

  • Giving impactful presentations to any size audience
  • Getting your points across with confidence and impact in 1 to 1 conversations.
  • Confidently dealing with unexpected questions or comments
  • Taking a stand for your ideas in conversations and meetings
  • Listening to better understand your client’s needs

Mental Fitness

“If you’re mentally fit, you can handle life’s great challenges without mental stress or other negative emotions. You’ll be happier and perform better.” (

I’m a Positive Intelligence (PQ) coach, licensed to take you through the 6-week Mental Fitness programme. The programme was a game changer when I took it – it inspired me to go on stage more, be more confident in who I am, and it helped me deal better with the everyday challenges of running a business and being a parent.

The programme is designed to create lasting new habits. It consists of videos, an app with simple exercises, and group coaching calls. Contact me to find out more, and to see if this is a good fit for you or your organisation.

“I’d definitely recommend this programme to anyone under Su Mee’s guidance. I didn’t realise the benefits until work stress or negative loops of thinking kicked in during every day life – I was able to use the strategies to find balance.” – PQ programme participant

Mindfulness and meditation

Create presence and build your resilience by learning simple mindfulness techniques or doing longer meditations. Courses can be run in-company – contact me for more information. Open enrollment workshops (on Zoom) will be announced here in 2022.

Team coaching and team building

Improve the performance of your team through storytelling, teambuilding games, or experiential learning. Team coaching can lead to more efficiency, less conflict through a better understanding of others, and more fun.

“Lots of learning and lots of fun. (…) The way of working is playful and engaging.” – Sharma, workshop participant


I offer improv workshops as part of a team building event, or as stand-alone workshops. I also run Improv for Coaches workshops, which use improv games and methods to expand your range as a coach.