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Grow your presence, expand your range, and create more impact. Join our interactive improv workshops for coaches and facilitators and grow your skills in a playful way.


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You’re a good coach, yet you find you think about the rules so much it gets in the way of great coaching. 

You’ve been a coach for a while and your clients are happy. But too often coaching feels like hard work, and sometimes you find you’re not sure where to take the coaching session next. You want to be more present but you get distracted because you’re so focussed on delivering results.

Let’s find more fun and flow in your coaching with our ICF accredited course. You’ll feel more confident and your clients will get better results.

Improv for Coaches free workshops

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Curious about Improv for Coaches? Come join a workshop! We’ll play games and talk about why improv is such a great skills for coaches to have. No experience necessary, just be open, switch on your camera, and come play with us!


Working with Su Mee has been transformative. Her improv workshop is an incredibly liberating experience. – Anna, workshop participant


Improv for Coaches

 Improv for Coaches is a 6-week online course designed around the coaching skills you know. The course gives you 9 CCEUs towards your ongoing ICF accreditation (6 in core and 3 in resource development). All sessions take place on Zoom.

We’ll play improv games that help you create more awareness of your range and preferences. We’ll have lots of fun while also growing your coaching skills and learning how you can apply improv to coaching.

Our workshops and courses are for you if you already have some coaching training and experience. In these workshops, we’ll help you expand your range, sharpen your coaching skills, and have fun. You don’t need any theatre experience to attend. All you need is to be curious and to be willing to explore and play.

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COURSE Tuesdays 15.00-16.30 CET / 9.00-10.30 EST

All sessions are on Zoom. Please note that this course runs over a period of 7 weeks instead of 6.

28 May: Introduction to improv and co-creating the relationship

4 June: Being present and active listening

Week of 11 or 18 June*: Peer coaching practice

25 June: Storytelling and metaphors

Week of 2 July*: Peer coaching practice

9 July: Celebration and completion

Course price €350 (ex vat).

* You are free to schedule the peer coaching sessions at a time and day that works for you and your coaching partner.

Please note that you’re required to attend all 4 group sessions to qualify for ICF CCEs. If you miss one, we can find a way for you to make this up at a discounted rate. Sessions will not be recorded.

1. Introduction to Improv

Our first session is all about building a strong foundation. We believe this is an essential part of both improv and coaching. So we’ll look at how we can establish trust and safety with our clients, how we co-create the relationship, and we’ll do exercises that help us maintain presence.

2. Being Present

This session is all about being present, active listening, and co-creation. We’ll look at how we maintain presence and how we can create from it. We’ll play games that focus on active listening, which will also help us to be curious, manage our judgement, and stay in connection with our clients.

Peer Coaching Practice

Practise your improv coaching skills with your peers. You can schedule the coaching sessions at a time that works for you and your coaching partner.

3. Storytelling & Metaphors

Let’s make it more interesting! We’ll work with metaphors and storytelling, creating stories and images together. We’ll also look at the impact of the language we use and how we can choose our words to write our own life stories and create new perspectives.

Peer Coaching Practice

Practise your improv coaching skills with your peers. You can schedule the coaching sessions at a time that works for you and your coaching partner.

4. Completion & Celebration

Just like with coaching journeys, we’d like to close our Improv for Coaches with a celebration and look at how far we’ve come. There will also be time for questions and requests – we can play new games or go back to your favourite games and play them again. Improv games, just like coaching sessions, are never the same.

Improv for Trainers and Facilitators

To really get your message and course objectives across, it’s essential that you connect to your audience and your co-facilitator. Come play with us and learn how you can create impactful training sessions that respond to the needs of your audience, while also having lots of fun. Build your confidence to dance in the moment, connect with your co-facilitator, and create a little bit of magic in the training room.

Curious? Send me an email or sign up for the Improv for Coaches newsletter and be the first to hear about new workshops and courses.

What coaches say


I had the pleasure of attending an improv coaching workshop led by Su Mee Tan and Lori Shook. The bespoke design of the workshop, tailored to our needs, truly stood out. With a small, intimate group setting, we were able to dive deep into the exercises, ensuring personalised attention and feedback. The complementing energy Su Mee and Lori brought to the room was making the learning process not only insightful but also incredibly fun. Their expertise in gently nudging participants out of their comfort zones, while maintaining a supportive environment, was amazing.

I left the workshop feeling invigorated, full of confidence to surrender and a toolkit of strategies to implement in my facilitation and coaching practice. I wholeheartedly recommend their workshops to anyone looking to expand their range and include improv into their coaching repertoire in a dynamic and engaging setting.

Maja Seggerman
Executive Coach & Intercultural Team Facilitator

Working with Su Mee has been transformative. As an improv coach, she brings a unique blend of fun, gentleness, and deep knowledge to her workshops. When you step into her space, you’re greeted with an atmosphere with no right or wrong—only endless possibilities for growth and self-discovery.
I’ve had the privilege of attending her workshop designed for coaches, and it’s been an incredibly liberating experience.
Su Mee has a knack for helping you break free from your limitations. Thanks to her guidance, I’ve shed the ‘good girl’ syndrome and stepped out of my comfort zone.
But what truly sets Su Mee apart is her approach to improv. It’s not just about entertainment; it’s about profoundly impacting how you think and act. She’s a treasure trove of surprises and knowledge, and every session with her leaves you feeling empowered and inspired.
If you’re looking for a coach who can help you unlock new dimensions of yourself, Su Mee is the one to go to.

Anna Zoladkiewicz
Conscious Leadership Coach

“I can honestly say that I never had so much fun in a training & applied so many new things at the same time. I decided to sign up because I sometimes struggle with presence and with allowing myself to bring more play & fun during sessions. I learned that there is so much wisdom and beauty in improv.

Su Mee really models presence and improvisation and shares openly what’s happening from her perspective. During the sessions time flies. I loved how energized I felt during the calls and after.

Thank you for creating such a powerful experience.”

Coach, Amsterdam

“Su Mee Tan was amazing! She was so engaging and enthusiastic. And I loved the break out rooms – this was the most fun I’ve ever had on an ICF call!”

“I was pleasantly surprised at just how applicable and effective of a tool it can be in coaching clients who may be stuck, need a perspective shift, or just a lighter, more fun experience to gain insight.”

“As a seasoned improviser, I appreciated this opportunity to explore the relevance explicitly to coaching. Thank you!”

Participants ICF workshop
ICF Community of Practice: Career Coaching

“Thank you for a great workshop, and fun too. Improv is a great tool to add to our coaching tool box to strengthen our relationship with our clients. Furthermore, it teaches us to relax and to be fully present. I’d definitely attend another workshop in the future.”

Anne Louise Littlejohn
Coach, Luxembourg

Hi, I’m Su Mee

Coach. Trainer. Improviser.

I used to plan everything, including my coaching sessions. I’d get nervous if I didn’t know what topic or emotion a client would bring to a session, and I’d be stuck in trying to remember the tools and structures I learned in my coaching training. Until I found improv.

Improv taught me to really be in the moment, to dance with whatever is thrown my way, to listen, to connect, and to trust my intuition. And all this while being playful and having fun. I’ve poured all of this into my Improv for Coaches workshops and hope to bring that fun to you and your coaching too.