Be more confident in presenting, speaking, and performing

Presence is not an elusive quality that only a few people are born with. You can find and grow your presence by finding your unique style. This way you can build your confidence and commitment to stand up, show up, and speak up.

Let’s get clear on your story, grow your confidence, and build your visibility, so you can have the impact you want to have.

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You know you have things to say. You just need a gentle nudge in the right direction.

You want to share your ideas, you want to be seen as a thought-leader, you want to be a more impactful speaker. You feel you just need a little more technique, structure, or confidence to really get your message across.

You’re a performer. You’re going out onto stages but you’re afraid you’re not good enough. You get nervous when you’re in the spotlight. You want to feel more confident and committed to share your art with the world.


I learned that being on stage is actually more about listening than speaking, discovering ways you can connect with the audience, just by being yourself. – Ivan, Amsterdam


Presenting with Confidence

Confidence does not mean you’re going to be a perfect speaker or performer all the time. Confidence means trusting that you know what you’re doing and you’re going to have the impact you want to have. Confidence means trusting you’ll be able to improvise and change direction if you find you’re not where you wanted to be. Confidence means no longer letting fear hold you back from speaking up.


Stories are a great way to make your ideas come alive and to engage your audience. You can use stories to clarify or emphasise a point you’re making. You can use stories to connect to your audience. Our Storytelling coaching and training will help you understand the impact of the stories you tell. You will learn simple story structures, and you will find your own stories.

Presence and Impact

What would you like to achieve with your presentation, talk, or writing? What’s the impact you want to have? We start with the end: where would you like your audience to be after they’ve heard or read your words? What do we need to get them there, and why is this important to you? Once you get clearer on the impact you want to have, we can work on your presence, your stories, and techniques to get there.

Confidence and Commitment

Maybe you already know what you want to say or do. The problem is that you’re just not doing it. Let’s find out what’s getting in the way, build your confidence enough that you feel ready to commit to taking action, and create an accountability process to make sure you get to where you want to be.

Practise your Presentation

If you’d like to practise a presentation or talk that you have already (semi) written, we can run through it together. Depending on your preparation, this can be a one-off session or a short series of coaching and training.

Let's make it up together

Maybe you know exactly what you want to develop. Or maybe you kinda sorta know. Either way, it’s not any of the things listed above. So let’s make up a coaching or training package together! We’ll create something that works for you so you can feel more confident and committed in getting yourself out there.


Clients say

“Su Mee helped me get my goals and priorities in shape, feel more confident about myself and my abilities, and provided me with techniques on stress management and setting out realistic goals. Since beginning my sessions with Su Mee, I feel more confident and positive about my acting career, my choices and aspirations!”

Actor, UK

“Su Mee is an amazing trainer. We worked together during an academy where she gave the group a training in Storytelling. Su Mee is has the ability to make the audience feel confident and in their own strength. Her calm and relaxed approach made the group feel open and safe. She was able to create a tailor-made session, which was well received. I loved working with Su Mee!”

Andjenie Cheng-a-June
DE&I Consultant & Business Development Adviser, Amsterdam

“I realised inspiring storytelling is not reserved only for special nights and events on stage. You can pour your words into mini stories in every day conversation, just by being honest and speaking from the heart. This way, others will always listen to what you have to say. I learned that being on stage is actually more about listening than speaking, discovering ways you can connect with the audience, just by being yourself.”

Storytelling workshop participant, Amsterdam

“Working with Su Mee was incredible. I went into the sessions not really knowing what to expect and we went deep! She helped me tap into a power I’d long suppressed which is difficult to articulate. The ground we covered and discoveries I made really is extraordinary.

Su Mee’s no-nonsense and judgement-free approach created the perfect environment for me to explore, where nothing, except avoidance(!), was off the cards or too crazy. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you, Su Mee!”

Rebecca Hendri
Actor & Writer, London

“My experience with Su Mee as a coach was great. I approached her for support how to present my work, give presentations and become more confident in my professional life. She has a positive energy, good sense of humor and also makes you practice during the coaching session, which is really helpful to come out of your mind.

At the end of the coaching sessions I gave a successful talk at a medical conference, where my performance was evaluated within the best 20% of all speakers.”

Juna de Vries
Neurologist, Erasmus MC Rotterdam

Hi, I’m Su Mee

Coach. Trainer. Improviser.

I’m here to help you feel confident and committed enough to share your thoughts and stories, and to show up as yourself without worrying too much about what others think. I believe everyone has a story that can inspire others.

I’m a certified coach and trainer. I’m also a (musical) improviser, an introvert, and a mother.

Clients say I bring a lightness, a safe space, and a little bit of crazy. Working with me means building confidence and commitment in speaking up, being more impactful in presentations, and building a stage presence that makes people want to listen.