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Let’s play, learn, and grow together

Presence is not an elusive quality that you are born with. Presence is something you can learn and grow. Presence is all about being here with yourself, your story, and your audience.

Working with me means growing your presence in a practical and fun way. I will challenge you, champion you, and hold up a mirror.

Confidence and Impact will follow from there.

Coaching and Training

For my workshops and programmes I take inspiration from my extensive corporate experience, my love for the stage and improv theatre, and my coaching, leadership, and mindfulness training. I want to help you creating lasting new habits and not just insights.

Training can be delivered online or on location. I don’t believe that one size fits all so all courses will be customised to the needs of your organisation, and can be turned into a one-off workshop or a longer programme with or without individual coaching. My training takes an experiential learning approach, which means it will be very interactive.

Coaching is usually on Zoom so you can talk to me from a space that feels comfortable to you.

My 1:1 packages start at €1500 for individuals. Please contact me for company rates for coaching and training. I have reduced rates for performers and organisations in the performing arts.

Do I need Coaching or Training?

Great question! Coaching is a thought-provoking partnership. My role as your coach is to help you explore, reflect, learn and take action towards your desired goals. As a trainer, I’ll be a little more directive, helping you understand and learn by giving you exercises and experiential learning experiences.

And maybe you want a combination of coaching and training! Not sure? Curious? Let’s talk.

It all starts with presence

Presence leads to Confidence and Impact

You want to feel grounded in who you are as a speaker, a leader, and a human. You want to own your voice. You want to stop worrying so much about what other people might think. You want to have more confidence in speaking up. You want to be clear on your message. You want to be better at improvising. You want to be heard and seen. You want to have an impact.

I see you. Are you ready to be seen?



Get clear on the leader you want to be, develop your leadership style, define and own your vision. Be a more impactful leader.



Feel more confident on stage, create connection through storytelling. and create more impact. Step up, show up, speak up.



Sharpen your coaching skills, grow your toolbox, and expand your range with our workshops and courses for coaches and facilitators.