Grow Your Leadership Presence

Get clear on the leader you want to be, find your leadership style, define and own your vision. Be a more impactful leader.

Our Leadership coaching and training is designed to help you find your own style of leading and creating impact, while feeling confident and committed.

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Level up your leadership skills with impactful training and coaching that fits your schedule.

You’re in a leadership role. You know you have the right skills and experience but sometimes, deep down you don’t believe you’re good enough. You want more confidence. You want to find your own leadership style. You want to make an impact.

You don’t want to be held back by what other people think. Or what you think other people think. You want to take action by following your head and your heart. You want confidence and direction. 


Su Mee’s no-nonsense and judgement-free approach created the perfect environment for me to explore, where nothing, except avoidance(!), was off the cards or too crazy. – Rebecca, London


Leadership Development

Everyone is a leader and everyone has their own leadership style. Being a leader means taking responsibility for your actions and your impact, it means knowing where you’re going and why, and trusting that if unexpected things happen, you’ll find a way to deal with these. My Leadership Development programs will help you reflect on the leader you want to be and create a clear action plan to get there.

Leadership Communication

Get clear on your mission and vision as a leader, and how to communicate this to your team, company, or clients. We’ll work on the impact you want to have, and the leadership style that feels the most natural to you. We’ll look at getting your message across clearly, making it to the point and engaging. This can include storytelling, presenting, and using personal stories.

Presence and Impact

Presence & Impact is more than learning presentation skills, my main focus is on helping you find your unique style, help you to build your confidence to deal with whatever comes up at work, and create the impact you want to have.

  • Giving impactful presentations to any size audience
  • Getting your points across with confidence and impact in 1 to 1 conversations.
  • Confidently dealing with unexpected questions or comments
  • Taking a stand for your ideas in conversations and meetings
  • Listening to better understand your client’s needs

Coaching skills for leaders

Coaching is a fundamental skill of leadership. Coaching is about creating connections so people listen and believe. Coaching is also about asking the right questions, managing your judgement, and creating a safe space for others to explore and use their full potential.

Stress Management & Mindfulness

Learn to manage stress better by building your resilience and getting clear on your priorities. Training and coaching include mindfulness exercises that are practical and fit into your busy day.

Team Building

Improve the performance of your team through storytelling, teambuilding games, or experiential learning. Team activities can lead to more efficiency, less conflict through a better understanding of others, and more fun.


Clients say

“It was an absolute joy to work with Su Mee! I gained so much clarity from our sessions. She really met me where I was at and facilitated the sessions according to my needs and goals, whilst also helping me to explore avenues and motivations I hadn’t previously considered. It was a really wonderful exploration. Su Mee is a warm and incredibly kind professional with an ability to make you feel like you can take on the world, I cannot recommend her enough as a coach.”

Creative, Dublin

“Su Mee helped me get my goals and priorities in shape, feel more confident about myself and my abilities, and provided me with techniques on stress management and setting out realistic goals. Since beginning my sessions with Su Mee, I feel more confident and positive about my acting career, my choices and aspirations!”

Actor, UK

“I have had an incredible journey with Su Mee. We started the coaching sessions at a point when I was unexpectedly having difficulties at work. The sessions with Su Mee made me see the events in perspective, distinguishing my inner negative hyperrational voices from what really happened. She connected me to my own positive strength and drivers again. After six sessions I was re-energised, vital, felt much lighter and dared to let go of a lot of control, starting a more insecure career as independent consultant, with confidence. In a very natural way she helped me to let some enjoyable chaos into my life.
Thank you Su Mee, I hope to radiate some of your “lightness” to the people around me.”

Marit van Lenthe
former President of MSF Holland and member of the International Board of MSF

“Su Mee was born to be a coach. She brings a lightness to the conversation, an immediately natural connection that has made me feel totally safe from the first minutes onward. If you consider hiring a coach, but are a bit apprehensive, you should contact Su Mee. Quite literally, it won’t hurt. Meanwhile, behind her easy style is a solid professional who masters a broad range of coaching techniques. You will come out better. Stronger.”

Erwin Van ‘t Land
General Director Norwegian Branch Medicines sans Frontiers / Doctors without Borders

“Su Mee is outstanding. I’ve been coached by her on several occasions and each one has moved me forward in my life and stripped me of my limiting beliefs and confusion that held me back. From working with her, my life is now in my own hands and I’m creating the life that I want. I started a business, finally moved to where I have always wanted to live, and I am much more skilled at tackling the niggling doubts and thoughts that don’t serve me. Thanks Su Mee!”

Alex Ranahan
Virtual Host, Actor, Comedy Writer & Facilitator, UK

Hi, I’m Su Mee

Coach. Trainer. Improviser.

I’m here to help you feel confident and committed enough to share your thoughts and stories, and to show up as yourself without worrying too much about what others think. I believe everyone has a story that can inspire others.

I’m a certified coach and trainer. I’m also a (musical) improviser, an introvert, and a mother.

Clients say I bring a lightness, a safe space, and a little bit of crazy. Working with me means building confidence and commitment in speaking up, being more impactful in presentations, and building a stage presence that makes people want to listen.